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Preliminary Health Assessment

What is Preliminary Health Assessment?

The preliminary health assessment is done to assess the participant's eligibility to join our Transform programs - OPOS100 Transform, OPOS100 Lite & OPOS100 Premium. This evaluation is based on the answers to the assessment form. The participant will receive an evaluation report with the status of their eligibility to the programs and also a link to continue to package payment. If rejected, the reasons for rejection will also be stated.

Will there be a refund if rejected?

Please refer to our refund policy - www.opos100.com/refund-policy

How long is the PHA valid for?

The PHA is valid for the batch the participant signs up for. The reason for repeating the PHA for a later batch is to ensure that we re-assess eligibility based on the most recent health conditions.

Does the PHA require a blood test?

A blood test is not required to complete the PHA. The medical test results need to be uploaded on the Wellness Report page after package payment in order for the food chart to be created. For a list of medical tests needed, please check https://www.opos100.com/medicaltests

How long does it take to get the PHA report?

Please allow 2-3 business days and also check the spam folder for the registered email. Kindly email us at opos100team@gmail.com if you haven't received it after 3 business days of submitting and paying for the PHA.

My spouse and I want to join Transform. Do we have to submit two PHAs or just one?

Please register separately with two different email ids on our platform and submit a separate PHA for each participant. Access is given to the registered email address and this cannot be changed after registration.

I am a pure vegetarian/vegan. Is this program suitable for me?

Our programs are not suitable for vegans. We will also be unable to take the participant on our OPOS100 Transform program aimed at Metabolic Reset and Diabetes Reversal using a lacto-vegetarian food preference. The OPOS100 Transform program aimed only at Weight Loss can be attempted in a lacto-vegetartian food plan.

I am a nursing mother. Can I take up this program?

We strongly believe that our wellness plan will be beneficial to nursing mothers (and will not affect breastmilk supply). However, taking into consideration your current lifestyle and health, we would not want to compromise on the health of either the mother or child. So if you are a nursing mom, kindly get back to us after you wean your baby. If your baby is more than a year old and you are not exclusively breastfeeding, then you may apply for the program.

I do not know to cook the OPOS way. Can I still follow the program?

Yes, you can still follow this program. But, we strongly believe that the OPOS method is best suited for this program due to its ease and nutrition retention. We will handhold you and get you started on your OPOS journey.

Do I need to have a MagicPot/Pressure Baker to start the program?

You can start with any 2L pressure cooker that can be standardized. We do recommend the 2L Pressure Baker/Neo because it is specially designed for high heat cooking and you will get better results with it.

My child is overweight. Can he/she join this program?

This program is for anyone 18years and above. Kindly contact your child's pediatrician for any interventions. You can however set up some time with the mentors by availing the 'Talk to a mentor' package to discuss specific concerns about your child's health and well being. We will be glad to talk to you along with your child and give you our recommendations.

I smoke and drink. Will I be allowed to do so while on this program?

We do not take smokers on our program as smoking affects many health markers and the participant will not be able to reap the benefits of our program. The participant can apply for one of our programs 3 to 6 months after quitting smoking. Participants who are light drinkers will be advised to abstain from drinking for the entire duration of the program.

OPOS100 Transform

OPOS100 Initiate

OPOS100 Lite

OPOS100 Premium

Medical Tests

Why do I need a Blood test?

We take health and wellness seriously and strongly believe in each person being unique. Our program is based on scientific data and research. To give you a simple example, advising "eat more protein" to someone with compromised kidney function, is detrimental to their health. The only way for us to truly assess a person's health is through the Blood tests, after which we can provide a customized solution that is tailor-made for you!

How many Blood Tests are needed for this program?

For the OPOS100 Transform & OPOS100 Premium programs: Two medical tests are needed. One at the start of the program and one at the end of 100 days to evaluate the progress and recommend a maintenance food chart. For the OPOS100 Lite program: One medical test at the beginning of the program in order to get the customized food chart. For the OPOS100 Initiate program: No medical tests required.

I live in India. Where can I get my blood tests done?

Blood tests can be taken in any lab of your choice. We are not affiliated with any labs currently. Thyrocare - AAROGYAM 1.7 package covers all the tests required for our program. Please check - https://www.thyrocare.com/ Orbito - Paleo Essentials package covers all the tests required for our program. Please check http://orbitoasia.com/

I live outside India. Can I get on this program without blood tests?

We do not accept anyone on the program without recent blood work (as of one month). Please talk to your primary care physician to request blood tests that can be covered by your Insurance. For eg. in the US, you can get tests done at an independent lab too - this is the package we recommend: https://www.walkinlab.com/products/view/wellness-3-extreme-blood-urine-test-panel. We do however recommend getting at least a portion of the tests done through your Doctor/Insurance so that you can lower your out-of-pockets costs. As and when we figure out more options in other countries, we will add the details here.

Given the Covid situation, I cannot step out to get my Blood tests done. Can I start now and give the lab tests later?

We agree that we live in interesting times. However, we won't be able to start the OPOS100 Transform program without the Blood tests. You can start on the OPOS100 Initiate program to get introduced to the lowcarb way of life. Please stay safe and when things do get better, and if you can get your medical tests done, apply for our PHA and join us for Transform!

I already have medical tests done x months ago. Can I use that?

We encourage you to get the most recent blood tests (within 1 month). The idea behind the customized food charts is to ensure that the program is tailor made for you and that you get the best results from the program. We would also not want to miss out on any major health concerns by using an older test. However, given the current situation, if there are no changes to your lifestyle and health conditions, you may use a test that is 3 months old.

The medical tests are very expensive where I live. Insurance only covers part of the tests. Do I need to get all the tests?

Kindly work with your doctor and insurance to get the majority of the tests required on the program. If there are only a few tests missing, we will be able to accommodate it. We will also get back to you if there are any areas of concern that require additional tests when we analyze your wellness report while making the food chart. Please note that this analysis happens only after package payment and after the participant has uploaded the medical test results in the wellness report on the website. We will be unable to take a look at the copy of the medical tests sent via email etc.

The units/ranges are different on the wellness report in the website. How can I enter my values?

Kindly ignore the ranges on the wellness report. Once you enter the values on the website, please email us a copy for reference and we'll use that when we make your food chart.