Digital-2404 Air (RCA)

The air-helix construction of the Reference Digital-2404 is wholly unique. We have developed a special clip to ensure air insulation that is as close to perfection as possible.

1 M

$1,100 (1M)

1.5 M

$1,400 (1.5M)

How much does membership cost?

Membership is £12.50 per year plus a first year joining fee of £5.00

What is the cost of activities?

Our programme has a range of activities from local walks to activity weekends and midweek breaks. All are priced individually with a walk costing £3 and many events under £20

How do I book an activity?

As a member you will receive a monthly newsletter which contains booking forms for forthcoming events. The newsletter will give all the information you need - dates, times, costs, meeting place and car sharing if required.

Is there a maximum age limit?

The only requirement is that you are aged 50 or over, we have a membership of up to 80 years young! We try to offer a range of activities to suit all abilities, what you do is entirely your choice.

Where do you meet?

We do not have any property to meet in, meeting place is at the event.

I do not drive, can I still join?

The club offers a car share scheme (you would make a contribution to fuel). Whilst every effort would be made to get you to an event, this cannot be guaranteed as it relies on a member from your area going to the same event.

Where is the club based

Our members are based mainly in Northamptonshire and surounding area.