Reference CAT7

The CAT7 Referenz cable is a LAN cable for high-end network connections. 

0.75 M

$250 (0.75M)

1.5 M

$300 (1.5M)

3 M

$350 (3M)

5 M

$400 (5M)

7.5 M

$450 (7.5M)

10 M

$500 (10M)

What is health advocacy?

A health advocate is someone who helps a patient by taking on the duties of navigating the healthcare system for them. A health advocate directly serves the patient to make sure they receive the highest standard of care.

How do I know if it's time for an assisted living facility or nursing home?

Someone likely needs a higher standard of care when:

  • They are struggling with basic daily routines like bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, controlling their bowels, or feeding themselves.
  • They are unable to manage activities like paying bills, cleaning the house, cooking for themselves, transporting themselves outside the house, or socializing.
  • They are suffering from mental and cognitive decline, such as Alzheimers, dementia, depression, aggression, sundowning, etc.
  • They pose a risk to themselves due to issues like frailty, falling, wandering, causing car accidents, etc.
  • Their medical needs exceed what can be properly administered without qualified healthcare providers like nurses.
  • Family members and/or caregivers are overwhelmed and unable to provide adequate care.
If enough of these conditions are met, it may be time for an assisted living facility or a nursing home. At-home healthcare services may also be an option that allows the person to maintain a higher level of independence. A elder care case manager will be able to assess your situation to determine what your best options are, given your needs and budget.

What does a hospice care manger do?

As a hospice care manager, our role is to oversee the logistics so the person and their family can focus on simply sharing their time together without unnecessary stress. We can help with:

  • Finding a hospice facility or arranging for in-home hospice care
  • Coordinating with healthcare providers to provide palliative care
  • Dealing with insurance comany and/or Medicare

What is a hospice advocate?

A hospice advocate is someone who helps manage end-of-life care for the elderly or those with life-limiting illnesses. A hopsice advocate can arrange for in-home nursing or a move into hospice care, handle insurance claims and paperwork, schedule with appointments with doctors and medical providers, and more.