Talos Signature Phono System

The Talos Signature is our latest creation, dedicated to the world of analog reproduction. It refines and uses technology from the top Limited Edition model, as well as improved sections of the smaller Reference model.






The Talos Signature is our latest creation ,dedicated to the world of analog reploduction.It refines and uses technology from the top Limited Edition model,as well as improved sections of the smaller Reference model.
Using proprietery tube circuits,transformer coupling throughout,multiple tube rectifed ultra-low noise PSUs, we successfully managed to create a unique source, which in our humble opinion is maybe the top analog source today,only surpassed by the Limited Edition phono.
With it’s 64db gain from the tube stages, with 12-26db added gain from the customised Step up tranformers,a total gain of 76-90db is possible,with amazing high SNR ,there is enough headroom to amplify the signal of any cartridge to it’s full potential dynamic range. Input stage The input stage is a proprietary differential tube stage and is descending from technology used in our top LE model.It uses two E280F supertubes per chanel,mounted on our special Vibration Isolation sockets.These tubes are loaded with a special transformer,(proprietery blend of MU/permalloy core) with a fully geometrically and electrically balanced windings.
The differential input stage is fed either directly from the cartridge in differential mode(from floating RCA or XLR inputs),either by our custom SUT transformers.Our SUT transformers are also winded using fully geometrically/electrically balanced windings,thus outputing a true balanced output,to fully take benefit of our differential tube input stage.
Amplifiying the extremely low level signal in differential mode has the benefit of cancelling out common mode noise,which is the electrical noise picked up anywhere from the cart body up to the inputs of the phono stage,tus giving very high SNR.The input stage is the most crucial stage for retrieving and preserving information from the cartridge.We took all steps necessary to provide the best noise cancelling, microphonic free, linear input stage possible.

RIAA Stage The RIAA filters are implemented around an constant (low) impedance double-T LCR filters.These filters are the most transparent and dynamic filters possible,however being very low impedance,means that you cannot drive them with usual gain stages.We designed specially for driving this constand low impedance filter structure,a small SET amplifier.This small amp uses a E280F supertube loaded with a custom step down transformer.This small amp can drive anything down to 50ohm ,and it’s output impedance is tuned to work in combination with the LCR filters to provide accurate RIAA correction EQ. Output Stage The output stage provides some of the total gain of the phono system,and at same time provides low output impedance to drive any preamplifier load/capacitive cables etc.
It is also build like a small independent SE amplifier.Another E280F SET amplifier provides enough drive current and drive,by the use of a step down transformer. Power Supplies All power supplies are located on the second dedicated chassis,while local capacitor banks at the main chassis provide local decoupling.
The input stage PSU is tube rectified using the high current 6d22s damper diodes,and is quad filtered using chokes.
A second tube rectifier bank using another pair of 6d22s is responsible for powering the rest of the stages.All stages are independently doulbe filtered using chokes and high speed/current capacitors.A total of 10 chokes are used,with combination of the use of low ESR capacitors,provide six independent ultra low noise power rails for all three X 2 stages. All of the six independent power supplies have decoupled returing legs,only connected to the single star ground of the main unit.This designs along with the separation/filtration topology of the PSUs provide minimum power crosstalk between stages,which is extremely crucial in low signal amplification.
All eight tubes can be bias adjusted and monitored on the fly.Each of the two differential banks can be monitored and adjusted on the fly for accurate balanced operation as well as sonic finetuning using it’s two dedicated monitors.
The other four stages can also be adjusted and monitored using a dedicated monitor/meter/knob system that controls the four independed AC-link proprietary system of tube biasing.
Tube heaters of all eight tubes are DC filtered with a five-fold Pi-filter to provide complete noise free enviromnent for all tubes. Cartidge loading
The unit comes with no internal loading presets,as this would predefine and limit loading combinations.Loading is provided by loading modules,custom built for, at client’s request,depending on user’s cart portofilio.Loading modules can be used for both direct and SUT inputs.Loading modules can be any value requested,and user can load any input independently.


  • Tube compliment: 8x E280F 4x 6d22s
  • Total system gain: 64db + 12~26 db (custom SUT for each cart) 76-90db max gain
  • Noise floor: -80db
  • Max SNR:106db
  • RIAA accuracy: +-0.2db
  • Inputs: 2x floating RCA/XLR differential inputs (64db)
  • 1x Step up transformer input (+12~26db custom)
  • Max Output: 20Vrms @ 200ohm
  • Loading Resistance/capacitance: Unlimited combinations.(use of extenal custom built loading modules)


Talos Signature Phono System